Calling all Women...


What becomes possible when millions of women remember who and what we really are - and then direct that collectively towards the greening of our world?

We want to find out.


If you do too, then TreeSisters is for you :) Please join us.

We are at a developmental threshold - ready to bring our offering to scale and turn a campaign into a global movement.  


"Women as a force of nature - on behalf of nature..."


TreeSisters is a social experiment of our time. We are a women's organisation growing a global network of TreeSisters to help crowd fund rapid tropical reforestation. We are doing it in ways that honour the value and uniqueness of woman in our world - cultivating feminine nature based intelligence and leadership on behalf of our ecology and future generations.

    1. 1. We craft unique resources and courses that bring women together to nourish the roots of collective action.
  1. 2. We are developing a tree campaign that aims to make it normal for all of us to give back to Earth every month by gifting money for trees, and channeling that to existing reforestation initiatives in the tropics.

Our first 140,460 trees are funded and we are currently exploring four more tropical reforestation initiatives that will become the beneficiaries of our first major tree campaign at the launch of the new web site in spring. This means that when you fund TreeSisters, you will be funding a portfolio of exemplary tree initiatives that cover a wide range of ecological and social benefits.


Change is needed. We all know it. We all see what's happening to our world but few of us really know what on earth to do about it. Most of us are already stretched to the max, and then being asked to make huge changes just feels too much. This is why TreeSisters focuses on finding ways to fill women up - ways to build our strength, our connection to our bodies, each other and nature so that from a filled up and resourced place change then feels more possible.


The Map of 5 Choices (1)

TreeSisters is based on a Map of 5 Choices that reflects a woman's body - you can see it here. It is a whole system of energy flows and capacities that are the ground of our value system and every level of our organisational structure and strategy. Life sits at the centre of the Map - asking the question, how would humanity live if Life were more important than Money? (see below for both Light and Shadow Map - the resistance within the same system.)


We've placed Life at the centre of TreeSisters and have created an organisation that operates out of the wisdom of living systems. We follow both the lunar and solar cycles in order to be supported by the natural energetic flows of which we are an intrinsic part. It really works! This is one of the reason that we hold both Full and New Moon calls - to bring us together so that we can fill our tanks back up, but also to punctuate our lives with the moon flows that govern women's bodies, so that we can start to be back in tune... There is a huge resource of free meditations and calls right here for you to use whenever you need support and strengthening...

And, there is a story that every TreeSister should know... the remarkable tale of how TreeSisters arrived in this world...      

Until the new web site is up and running, we are still seeking the core developmental funding needed to enable 80% of the networks funds to go to the trees (20% will go to supporting women and the organisation itself).


We are seeking our angels - the roots of this whole venture - the men and women that get what this could be, and wish to ensure that it becomes all it can be. Please get in touch at and let's make this dream a green and leafy reality that changes the face of our world.


Thank you.


TreeSisters is a twin tree. One trunk embodies our mission to help reforest the Tropics and the other trunk embodies our mission to awaken and call forth women’s nature-based feminine leadership as the means by which we bring balance back to our planet. The two trunks share a common root system. For us, women and trees are indivisible.


Exploring the Map of 5 Choices

The Map of 5 Choices (1)shadow map
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Are you a Root, a Branch, or a Leaf in the Giving Tree?

140,460 trees funded

Every second we lose a rainforest the size of a football field - help us to plant more! DSC01368


TreeSisters: women seeding change

5 months 1 week ago

Today we're celebrating all the millions of people who are taking action right now, to tend to our planet.
At TreeSisters, the way we find hope is to plant trees. We know that the radical reforestation of our planet can mitigate climate change in incredible ways - you can find out more about how are trees are saving landscapes and lives here:

There’s hope for our blue planet, despite what you see on the news | Fiona Gell

TreeSisters: women seeding change

5 months 1 week ago

We are celebrating Forest Schomer today, and his brave and precious work to save wild seeds.

Meet Forest Shomer, the master wild seed man!
Like Forest's Facebook page: Inside Passage Seeds
Visit his website:
Like Rob Greenfield for more videos like this!

TreeSisters: women seeding change

5 months 1 week ago

Did you know that trees release aerosols from their leaves that are beneficial to human immune systems? Diana Beresford Kroeger shares more about this and other extraordinary information about our relationship with trees in this magical interview with Clare:

It’s part of our Wild Hope for a New Humanity series and is our invitation to you to dive deeper into how you might give your gifts in service to life. Our Inner Journey of Awakening begins again next month and we’d love you to join us.

Join the Inner Journey here:

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